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The inspiring biography of a woman who has overcome multiple handicaps
and gone on to live a full and productive life.

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"I have few memories of my first foster home, and none of them pleasant. 'Do you want me to tell Her what a baby you are?' I remember "The Mrs.' threatening.  I never thought of her as my mom for all the six years I lived in her home, nor do I recall any love or affection being wasted on me, much as I craved them. The words echoed in my mind: 'Baby, baby, baby!' I must admit I sometimes felt like one, because I had to wear diapers and drag myself around on the floor. I spent my evenings in the dining room, stashed in a playpen that was also my bed, and most of my memories of that home were of being placed there after supper each night with a blanket draped over the top and down the sides. I was nine years old."

So begins A Catt in Our House, the inspiring biography of Cathleen Piotrowski. She has just celebrated her 40th birthday, an easily attained milestone for most people, but almost a miracle for one with her physical handicaps and background. She was born to the very young wife of a career member of the United States Air Force. The couple must have been devastated to discover that this second daughter was afflicted with three major disabilities: spina bifida, a spinal cord defect that occurs early in the development of a fetus within its mother's womb ; lumbar and sacral agenesis, related conditions where the lower spinal column and sacrum do not develop ; and popliteal pterygium syndrome, a condition sometimes referred to as "webbed knee".

About the author:  Helen Birkemeier lives with her husband of 54 years on their farm near Spring Green, Wisconsin. They took on the role of foster parents as their own children matured, and she found herself acting as teacher, nurse, occasional counselor, and lifelong friend. In her other life, she has served as a music therapist and organist, and is a wildflower propagator and vendor. She writes a weekly nature column in the local newspaper and on the internet, and has published two collections of these articles as Timbergreen Trails I & II

A Catt in Our House is a 6 X 9" paperback book.

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