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Have you seen one yet?  Some Wisconsin residents have already reported sightings of the ruby-throated hummingbird and it is time to put out your nectar feeder if you have not already done so.  Having these tiny jewels visiting the yard all summer is one of my favorite signs of spring, along with the appearance of some of our loveliest wildflowers.


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Birds, wildflowers, insects, animals, and other flora and fauna are the stars of the new story written each week and posted on this site. There is never any dearth of subjects as we discover new things or they discover us. Past issues are available in two volumes, Timbergreen Trails I & II, which are illustrated with many pen & ink drawings by artist Chris Hansen, and can be purchased singly or as a set. Also, check out A Catt in Our House, the biography of our physically challenged daughter.

Timbergreen Farm is a family enterprise that is located in the driftless area of southwestern Wisconsin, a section that was missed by the glacier that covered this part of the country 10,000 years ago. It is some five miles from Spring Green on 300 acres of hills and valleys, much of which is wooded.  Several miles of trails wend around and through its woods and fields. Wildflowers flourish in extensive areas, and a demonstration garden has been established close to the farmyard. The farm is now used as a model for modern ecological timber management and sustainable wood production.

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